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The way we look at things is the more information we can give someone that's specific to them, the more successful they'll be. We try to give people insights that they wouldn't normally have access to. Discovering my genetic predisposition to lower vitamin levels was interesting, but I already knew my exact counts from lab results after my annual physical.

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My vitamin D level is fine, but I do have to take a vitamin B supplement. That's information you can get only from a doctor, not an app. Learning this genetic information could encourage Lose It users to seek out medical advice. That's the early feedback the app has been getting from the first wave of EmbodyDNA participants, said Kevin McCoy, Lose It's senior vice president of business development.

But because the DNA-based insights launched over the summer and results can take up to eight weeks to arrive, that feedback is just now trickling in. McCoy stressed that this is the first version of the EmbodyDNA feature and that more detailed and personalized information from your DNA analysis is coming to the app. Right now, Lose It recommends foods you can eat and workouts you can do, but those recommendations are pretty basic and not tailored to your life or weight-loss goals. Low in vitamin D? Here are foods that have vitamin D in them.

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Drink more water, eat dark leafy greens and get some exercise five a days a week. The types of workouts that work for me and approximately 48 percent of the world's population, according to Lose It are circuit training and running. Sounds like common sense, right? Got it. But if you're genetically predisposed to obesity, generic advice like that may not work for you.

A variation on the ankyrin-B gene can make it so that two people can eat the same food and exercise the same amount, but the individual with that variation will gain weight while the other person remains slim. Duke University biochemist Vann Bennett, who has studied the effects of that gene variant in mice , said getting your genetic information earlier in life, when you can take meaningful action, would be useful.

Knowing your predisposition to obesity and obesity-related diseases when you can do something about them could make a huge difference, he said. How can Lose It! Insights help me increase my protein intake?

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